Our Mission

Why Help The Prisoners?

joy_of_giving_6It is very lonely to be apart from your family. It seems hopeless when you want to change, but seemingly, you are not given the chance to do so because you are confined in a small world, and you are being restricted of the things that you can do.

We believe that all of us are prisoners in different ways. We are held captive by our broken hearts, fear, debt, uncertainty, and depression. But we can set ourselves free by planting a seed of freedom and comfort with every help we give to the inmates.

There are very few who give help to the prisoners because people often feel that they do not deserve it; that there are others far more worthy of such blessings.


bilibidBut as the project’s name indicates—GRACE, which means unmerited favor—we are reminded that we, too, are not worthy. But because of God’s grace, we were given salvation.

We are inclined to support these inmates and inspire them to continue their walk in the Lord so when they are released, they become better, God-fearing citizens. And if they are to stay inside the institute for the rest of their lives, we are assured that they will be free from the bondage of fear, loneliness, and regret.


Our Mission:

    • To provide their basic needs such as toiletries, additional food and medicines.
    • To provide the inmates’ spiritual nourishment through Christian teaching tapes, CDs, DVDs and other materials that will give them the gift of hope and salvation.
    • To teach and allow our Partners to experience the joy of  giving to others.
    • To give simple and kind-hearted people an opportunity to reach out and touch the heart of Jesus through these inmates despite their busy schedules.


Long Term Goals:

To provide for a concrete school inside the CIW where learning would be comfortable for the inmates;

To cover for more than the basic toiletry needs of the inmates, expanding even to other necessities that are unable to be provided for them by the institution;

To save more souls by exposing the inmates to the Good News of the Lord through film showings and teachings of The Rock of My Salvation Media Ministries

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them,
and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.”
Hebrews 13:3