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TROMS Radio Program Hosts

Program Host: Ptr. Eustaquia Barqueros

Radio Program Host: Ptr. Emerita Barqueros

Radio Program Hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice B. Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Co-hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

Co-Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

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Every Sunday 8:30-9:00 PM

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Radio: Our God is Tough Part 2

As followers of the Lord Jesus we need to cultivate a deep & loving intimacy with Him without losing a healthy dose of fear & respect for His holiness. A “one-sided” & lukewarm kind of love is not something God wants & deserves.

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Radio: Our God is Tough Part 1

God is always on the lookout for people who are ready & willing to love “everything” about Him – even His “tough side”. The Lord is looking for people who are committed to accept Him, not just because He is merciful & kind, but also because He is a holy God who calls His children live in righteousness & obedience to Him.

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Radio: Start with Obedience

The Bible is constantly reminding us that the surest way to receive true blessings from the Lord is through obedience. By submitting to God’s Word, we will see how His ways are higher than ours and how His power can reverse even our painful experiences to our benefit.

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Radio: Pt 5-Guilty? No Problem

In this message, Ptr. Emerita will show us how God gives each person the chance to be closer to Him no matter how many mistakes they have done in the past or how unworthy they think they are of His presence.

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Radio: Pt 4-Guilty? No Problem

In this message, Ptr Emerita will share with us how great & just our God is. He expressed His love by sending His only son Jesus Christ to cleanse & save us from our sins. We are reminded today how we ought to respond with this amazing love & how we are accountable for all the choices we make in our lives.

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Radio: Pt 3 – Guilty? No Problem

By meditating on the mistakes of Adam & Eve, we will grasp the depth of God’s love for us & learn how we should properly respond to it, making sure that we value the grace we received deeply & never abuse it.

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