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Program Host: Ptr. Eustaquia Barqueros

Radio Program Host: Ptr. Emerita Barqueros

Radio Program Hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice B. Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Co-hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

Co-Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

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Every Sunday 8:30-9:00 PM

📻  Previous Messages

Radio: Major In Worship Part 2

True worship is a valuing or treasuring of God “above all things”. Apart from Him there is no meaning and purpose to life. The LORD is searching for people who will VALUE Him above everything, above earthly joy & riches.

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Radio: Major In Worship-Part 1

Ptr. Emerita will start a brand new series with a message close to her heart. In this series, she will teach the importance of having a “true & intimate” relationship with the Lord & how we can reach that through worship.

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Radio: A Message for Fathers

“A just man walk with integrity: his children are BLESSED after him.” -Proverbs 20:7 – Listen to Ptr. Emerita’s Father’s Day Message.

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Radio: Our God is Tough Part 5

Ptr. Emerita will conclude this series by sharing with us how the knowledge of God’s “tough side” can ultimately be beneficial to us. By getting to know our God completely, we will be able to offer Him “in full” the obedience, reverence & respect that He truly deserves, which consequently also brings true change, true blessings & salvation in our lives.

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Radio: Our God is Tough Part 4

In this message, Ptr Emerita entitled, will share with us instances where she applied God’s tough love in the lives of her children & how respecting God’s standard & holiness has led them to a better path in life.

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Radio: Our God is Tough Part 3

God has an urgent call to all Christians, especially those who serve in the ministry to re-evaluate their hearts and ways, and begin to practice “consistent obedience” to the Him. God is reminding us to be WISE (knowing that we are living in the last days) and choose to live according to the truth that is in His WORD and not be influenced “little by little” by the ways of this WORLD.

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