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Program Host: Ptr. Eustaquia Barqueros

Radio Program Host: Ptr. Emerita Barqueros

Radio Program Hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice B. Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Co-hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

Co-Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

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Radio: We Are The Salt & Light Part 1

Is it important for us to love the Church?

God likened our relationship with the church to a loving relationship between husbands & wives, where trust, love & concern is the core foundation of everything that they do for each other.

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Radio: Jesus Paid It All Part 4

Most of the things that are happening in our lives are based on the decisions we had made on our own. The attitude we need to have in order for us to start over & make things right is humble acceptance of wrongdoing & willingness to change.

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Radio: Something New is Coming Your Way 1

When non-stop failure happens to us, we tend to beat ourselves up with so much regret & find it hard to get up and try again. God is reminding us that the very reason why we are still alive & breathing today is because He has not given up on us. He wants us to recover & start over.

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Radio: God Where Am I Going – Part 3

Whether we like it or not, we live in a world that is always changing. People change, circumstances change. Sometimes, God allows these disappointments to show us that HE alone is the STABLE ONE in our lives; the ONLY ONE who will never change and will never leave us.

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Radio: God, Where Am I Going? Part 2

Trials can come in anyone’s life at any given moment, whether rich or poor, young or old, successful or unsuccessful. Sometimes, we can help but ask God, “Why is this happening, Lord? Why do these testings have to happen & why does it have to be so painful?”

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Radio: God, Where Am I Going Part 1

Sometimes, seeing other people’s success makes us wonder if God can do the same for us. We can’t help but ask Him: Lord, what about me? Will my time ever come? Can I also experience the good things these people are enjoying for themselves & their loved ones? Will my troubles end? Will I ever move forward from the pains of our past?

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