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TROMS Radio Program Hosts

Program Host: Ptr. Eustaquia Barqueros

Radio Program Host: Ptr. Emerita Barqueros

Radio Program Hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice B. Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Co-hosts: Ptr. Dan Ochoa, Janice Pangilinan and Gemma Ochoa

Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

Co-Hosts : Alain Pinsotes, Jarmaine Jam Pangilinan, Justin Pangilinan, and Joshua Ochoa

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Every Sunday 8:30-9:00 PM

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Radio: If You Want Change Part 3

What we value determines what we do. We as humans often make the mistake of looking for value in temporary sources of happiness. We look for joy in material things, unhealthy relationships and selfish decisions.

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Radio: If You Want Change Part 2

Knowing how to prioritize eternal things over material or temporal things is vital not only in our growth, but in our success as a Christian. Always remember, God promised that if we seek Him & His kingdom first, all the things we need shall be added unto us.

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Radio: The Sure Answer to Failure

Learning how to be patient is not easy. We want quick answers to everything we are going through. But our God, being “a God of purpose” always has a reason for every experience He allows us to encounter.

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Radio: Simply Obey Part 5

We sometimes wonder why God allows difficult people & tiring problems come our way. One thing we need to remember about our God is that, He is a God who loves to “show off His power & faithfulness” especially to people who love & obeys Him.

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