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“The LORD is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Savior; my God is my Rock, in whom I find protection. He is my Shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.” – Psalm 18:2
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Loving God. Loving People
Living with a Purpose

Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27


An effective evangelism tool for Pastors, Ministers & Church Workers

Radio Program

Every Sunday. 9:00-9:30 PM DWIZ 882 Khz AM

Joseph Feeding Mission

“We feed the hungry, God satisfies the soul.”



Radio: Live Prepared Part 1

Radio: Live Prepared Part 1

Aired: Nov. 20, 2016
Most of us are busy preparing to secure our “future” here on earth, but rarely think about our “eternal” future which is far more important & longer than what we can ever imagine.

Radio: Part 5 Satisfied in Christ

Radio: Part 5 Satisfied in Christ

Aired: Nov. 12, 2016
Many of us are seeking joy & contentment in all the wrong places & we have lived long enough to know that everything we try so hard to pursue can only give temporary joy & satisfaction. This tiresome pursuit is a result of settling for half-hearted obedience to the Lord.

Daily Peace & Comfort Podcast

Podcast: Embrace The Blessing You Already Have

Do you long for a LOVE that lasts a lifetime? The kind of love that cares, comforts, guides and will never leave? A love that gives security “forever”? Most of the time, God has already given us all that we need without us being fully aware of it. Today, God wants to remind us that the love of a lifetime is within our reach.






JFM: Be A Family to Somebody This Christmas

November 5, 2016
In one of our orphanage visits, we asked the children what gift do they want for Christmas, and they answered, “A Family”. Let’s make our Christmas more meaningful this year. Join our Christmas Campaign and “Be a Family” to orphans, street children, poor families & prisoners this Holiday Season.




October 7, 2016
Feeding 100 children everyday is not an easy task, but the Word of the Lord continuously gives us strength by reminding us that, “LOVE never gives up & endures any circumstance…”


Behind The Scenes: Food Preparation for our Daily Feeding Program

Behind The Scenes: Food Preparation for our Daily Feeding Program

October 1 2016
Here are pictures of our JFM Team preparing a special meal (CREAMY CHEESE MACARONI PASTA with BROCCOLI, 3 types of GRAPES, apples & healthy biscuits)for 100 public school students of Oranbo Elem. School


Troms 19th Anniversary

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August 14, 2016
Church Caffé is all about connecting our Home Church to your community, where you can share Jesus as He is to people as they are. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for the latest message series & Connect Group resources!


Watch our Reality Series that will open your eyes to the truth and what we should take in to consideration as a Christian. These VCD and DVD Collection are great evangelistic tools you can use to share the gospel to people you love.

Hell is Real

A 3 Part Series about the reality of Hell

Heaven is Real

A documentary about the reality of Heaven

666 is Real

A special documentary on the FUTURE of MONEY

The Real Signs of the Times

Bible prophecies in today’s news

Daily Peace & Comfort Podcast

Refreshing and comforting audio devotionals that will strengthen Christians in their daily walk with the Lord. Each devotion has amazing relevance to life and daily situations. Ptr. Emerita will answer questions, share powerful messages and practical insights that will draw people closer to God.
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